So you’ve mastered the art (sorry, bad pun ?) of producing the perfect Artist profile, now it’s time to focus your effort on developing the perfect Art listing. Follow our steps and you’ll be sure to sell your art in no time at all.

Description – be sure to describe your Art as accurately as possible to help your Art get noticed. Have a look at the below Art listing as an example:

Pelican in peril is the peril of the pelican.
Suffice to say this art reflects the status quo of our living ecosystems, and the human impact on non-human species.
This painting was inspired by a national geographic photo of the same.

This is a work of non-fiction.

*watercolours on 300 GSM paper.

Check your Art’ status - It’s important that you keep track of all your artworks that you’ve posted on the site. If you sell your artwork on another site, you should remove the listing from Atelier straight away to avoid selling the same artwork twice.

Sizing – Make sure you enter the correct dimensions for your Art. This will also help reduce the risk of someone returning your art (e.g. if it doesn’t fit on the wall they imagined).

A Picture Says a 1000 Words… - Yes, it’s true! So, make sure you upload good quality photos of your Art. Here it’s all about quality over quantity, though we recommend uploading at least 4 photos of your Art from different perspectives and angles, including close-ups that detail texture. Also, follow our photo guidelines and you can’t go wrong.