There are three important steps to building a perfect profile:

Bio – tell us what makes you inspired to create your art. A small bio or ‘about me’ allows art lovers to know more about the artist behind the art. We want to know where you’re from, when you started creating art, and what artists inspire you.

Profile picture – give us your best mug shot! No seriously, a profile picture is crucial to boost your sales on Artelier. Art lovers want to know who they’re buying art from, and uploading a picture of yourself creates a special connection between you and the buyer.

Give us a shout out – Everyone loves to be noticed, and so does Artelier! We actively post and share on our social pages, and are always looking to promote Artists that we love. If you’re a fan of Artelier and what we do, you can give us a follow on our Instagram and Facebook pages. Don’t forget to tag us in all your Art posts so you can be featured on our socials!