Perspective and alignment - As a rule of thumb, always make sure you're taking photographing your Artwork from a centre perspective. This means that you should be lining up your camera directly with your Artwork. If you've ever seen (or taken) a bad selfie, you know what we're talking about!

Hang me on a wall - this gives the viewer an idea of what the Artwork will look like in their home or office. Try and use a white or other neutral colour as a background if possible. Remember to try and take your photo parallel to where your Artwork is hanging on the wall so there are no awkward angles.

Lights. Camera. Action - Seriously, make sure your space is properly lit up before taking photos. We think natural light works best (just make sure there is no direct sunlight on your Artwork). If natural light isn't available, make sure your lighting doesn't create any shadows or discolouration on your Artwork. If you are using a professional (or semi-professional) lighting kit, make sure you place the light halfway between your camera and your Artwork, and point the lights at a 45 degree angle towards your Artwork - this will provide a balanced and natural look, without any hotspots. If you're using a phone, turn off flash as this often results in hotspots. 

Focus - then focus some more. Please make sure your Artwork doesn't look blurry. A tripod helps with this issue, otherwise you can try resting your camera (or phone) on a table and use a self timer.

Edits - Yes, we said it...sometimes a filter isn't a bad thing! But the trick here is to not over do it. Play around with different filters (if taking photos on your phone) but make sure that your Artwork still resembles the real thing (that means no airbrushing)! We recommend trying the following:

  • cropping borders and rotating if necessary
  • adjusting the overall saturation, brightness, and contrast
  • adjusting the overall temperature or tint

Give me more - As a minimum, you should try and aim to upload at least 4 different photos of your Artwork. These should show the potential buyer:

  • What the Artwork looks like when it's hanging on a wall
  • What the Artwork looks like at a distance
  • What the Artwork looks like close-up
  • What the texture of the Artwork looks like

Now you're ready to sell some Art!